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The following files are available for patients:

Child Intake
Download and complete for patients 18 and under

Autism Intake Checklist
Download and complete if you suspect autism

Adult Intake
Download, print, and complete for patients over age of 18

Insurance Form
Print, sign, and bring to appointment


HIPPA forms
Protected health information form to be read/signed

Parent Release of Info
T o be read/completed for exchange of information

Example of insurance letter

Depression Symptom Monitoring
This file will help monitor symptoms over time

The following downloads are good resource materials:

Best Practices
This file contains the guidelines for the best practices in autism treatment. Remember that there are unfortunately many available ‘treatments’ currently offered that have little scientific basis.

The file “Autism and ADHD” will help understand the overlap often seen in these two disorders as well as the differences. I have also put together a few concrete behavioral approaches to help an over-stimulated child, such as navigate a trip to Wal-Mart.

For teachers and parents, the following three files are about specific methods for using Visual Strategies. This file is an excerpt that was adapted from: Hodgdon, L.  (1995). Visual Strategies for Improving Communication, Volume 1: Practical Supports for School and Home.  Troy, MI: Quirk Roberts Publishing. The file was originally seen on another website and I can no longer find the source to credit. Linda Hodgdon’s book is also considered a “must read.”

The following file is likewise helpful for teaching Visual Organization. It was derived from the same website noted above (I think) and the adaptation was credited to: Scheuermann, B., & Webber, J. (2002). Autism: Teaching does make a difference. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Lastly, this helpful file is for using Visual Strategies for Improving Behavior and was written by Cheryl Miller, SLP.

This file is an excellent resource for teachers and parents and it is a curriculum created by authors Scott Ross, MS, Rob Horner, Ph.D., and Bob Stiller. File is named Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Supports. It is designed for Middle School but the information is excellent for any age group.

The New York Autism Network has developed Autism Program Quality Indicators (APQI) based on a review of the literature and input and review by regional advisory groups and national experts. The APQI are being used extensively throughout New York State and nationally. Requests for permission to use the APQI have been received from Indiana, Idaho, Louisiana, California, Hawaii, and Canada. This file contains many helpful links as well. EXCELLENT resource and a MUST for any parent with a child with autism who requires an IEP.

This file “List of Possible Characteristics of a Person with Asperger's Syndrome (AS), High Functioning Autism (HFA) or Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)” is an excerpt from Martha Kate Downey’s website and is an excellent description of all possible Asperger and/or HFA autism traits. Included in the file is a link to her amazing online interactive book “TAP DANCING in the night that you and your children will enjoy!!  She graciously offers it free for viewing and it is quite the treat.

Gail Gillingham, noted author, speaker, and clinician, granted permission to reprint the following file on Understanding Sensory Sensitivities and Developing Supports and Accommodations. The information is adapted from one of her books and it is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and professionals.

Downloads referenced in other sections of website:

Social Stories

Information about the children’s test for ADHD

Tips for Insurance Reimbursement

For Physicians and Professionals:

Powerpoint presentation about the need
and practicalities of early screening

Several handouts are available, to include a referral form, reimbursement information, and screening instruments.

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