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The following four websites are recommended for parents who are “new” to autism and they provide general overviews with links to more detailed information. You can find info about advocacy groups on these sites as well:

The Autism Society of America
This website has been described as a leading source of information and referral on autism with 20,000 members connected through a network of over 200 chapters in nearly every state. There are also links here that will get you to the Shreveport Bossier Autism Society website.

National Information Center for Children & Youth
with Disabilities (NICHCY)

This site contains well-known fact sheets for Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders. NICHCY is a federally funded clearinghouse for information, publications on disabilities, and listing of national disabilities organizations. You can also find different conferences that are scheduled around the country.  

Indiana Resource Center for Autism
This website has some good articles on a variety of autism topics.

"Parenting a Child with Special Needs",
News Digest 20 (ND20), 1997

A publication of the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities. In the first article, "You Are Not Alone," Patty McGill Smith speaks candidly to parents about the emotions that many parents of exceptional children experience and offers a perspective for living and coping with the impact of disability upon the family.


Here are a few sites that were created for individuals/families
with HFA or Asperger’s:

Asperger Syndrome Education Network (ASPEN®)
ASPEN is a regionally-based non-profit organization headquartered in New Jersey, with 12 local chapters, providing families and those individuals affected with Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, High Functioning Autism, and related disorders.

The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome
Partnership (GRASP)

The board and directors of this advocacy and information group are all on the autism spectrum.


Here are a few good websites that are useful for IEP, education topics, etc:

Protecting Students With Disabilities
This FAQ document is published by the United States Office of Civil Rights. It is very comprehensive and should answer any question you have related to Section 504.

Wright's Law
This is probably the "best known" Section 504 website and offers advocacy advice on IEP's, IDEA 2004, 504 accommodations, No Child Left Behind information, etc.  "Wrightslaw" also has books, a blog, and other informative media. There are also tips and reasons why an independent evaluation is recommended for optimal services with an example of a "good evaluation."    

International Dyslexia Association
This site is comprised of comprehensive list of resources to Learning Disability related organizations and is organized by broad subject area and includes "hot-links" directed to the respective organization web sites.

Autism Distance Education Network
Provides access to a variety of types of information and programs as well as links to several related net/web domains.

This is an actual agency in New York, but provides good info about educational planning.

ABA Resources
good site for ABA educational resources!

NYC Department of Education
Good website for teachers and school personnel from one of the “top five” schools in the nation. Includes several Word documents that can be saved to your computer, such as communication strategies, bully prevention, Handling Bullying - Staff Questionnaire, paraprofessional tips, and many files about positive behavior supports in the school.

Test Access & Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
This site has the New York state dept of education’s “Policy and Tools to Guide Decision-Making and Implementation” and is an excellent resource about accommodations.


Here are a few good “research” sites that offer much more than the research information.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development (NICHD)

The NICHD facility offers and supports research related to children’s health issues. Click on Keyword "Autism" or "Autism Research" to download free publications.

The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
Great site! This website offers a wide range of valuable information from one of the leaders in autism research.

The Center for the Study of Autism (CSA)
The CSA, located Oregon, provides information about autism to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions.  This center also conducts research in collaboration with the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California.


Lastly, here are some general advocacy type sites and other areas not covered elsewhere:

The Doug Flutie Foundation
The Foundation's mission is to aid financially disadvantaged families who need assistance in caring for their children with autism; to fund education and research into the causes and consequences of childhood autism; and to serve as a clearinghouse and communications center for new programs and services developed for individuals with autism.    

Autism National Committee (AUTCOM)
An advocacy organization dedicated to "Social Justice for All Citizens With Autism".  Founded in 1990 to protect and advance the human and civil rights of all persons with autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and related differences of communication and behavior.

Cornucopia of Disability Information
Cornucopia of Disability Information CODI serves as a community resource for consumers and professionals by providing disability information in a wide variety of areas. It consists of both an Internet Directory of Disability Information and a repository of electronic disability documents, dating back to the early 1990s. Many of the documents on CODI are publicly available nowhere else on the Internet

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
This is a very comprehensive site that gives links to organizations, publications (some are available online), library resources, conference schedules. Good search engine too.

Sensory Integration Resource Center,
The Kid Foundation, Colorado

Resources and information for everyone (families and professionals). It links and highlights other web sites that provide information, support groups and resources for professional, families and individuals with sensory integration dysfunction (DSI) and/or other neurological and mental conditions.

The Behavior Virtual Community
Cool site!! This is where the general public can interact with the behavioral professionals. This has a “collection” of separate sites and societies, which a few of them are restricted to members only. However, most of the “village” is open to all. 


Email us at info@AutismDiagnosticCenter.com for specific information and/or recommendations related to local resources, such as OT services, speech services, autism society, etc. Ask us for specific book recommendations too!

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